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Classic M9 model in a plastic ABS version. This M9 offers excellent value for money. The blowback is powerful and fast. The pistol has double action function and a working safety. The Hop-up is adjustable and the double stacked magazine holds 25 BB’s.

• Hop-Up = Adjustable
• Magazine Capacity = 25 rounds
• Caliber = 6mm BBs
• Velocity = 280+ fps with 0.20 gram BB's
• Propellant = Green Gas
• Dimensions = 8.5 " X 5.5 "

ASG M9 (161)


this gun is good got it the other day and first looks are pretty good but the only thing is that the gas runs out really quick. the gas only lasts about 10-16 bb pellets so thats the bad thing but other than that it is all good.


Bought this gun today and already my garage is covered in bb's, 4 second charge on the gas and magazine lasts the full 25 shot with gas to spare. Plus it looks good in your holster.


There is a common rule when buying airsoft guns; Buy nice or buy twice. I have to say I bought nice for a low price! The gun fires brilliantly and is very responsive and quick, there is little recoil which aids in aiming and constant target acquisition. One area I can fault the gun in is that the plastic seems quite flimsy on the slide so a lanyard is recommended to prevent any nasty impacts on hard surfaces. The two tone paint job has clearly been done with great care. Contrary to one of the other reviews on this gun the gas consumption is pretty descent and can manage 1 and 3/4 of a magazine on a 5 second fill of gas and in our climate that isn't bad. Due to the guns' ABS construction, it maintains a lightweight feel and sits well in your hand. And, finally, the accuracy. The accuracy of this gun is okay, the hop-up is fixed but it can still hit a 14' target at 50-60ft which is impressive for a gun of this price. So first impressions are good, I have yet to see how well it does in the long run and I will take it to the National Airsoft Event. Would recommend this gun to anyone who is on a budget or doesn't want to splash out on an expensive Tokyo Marui.
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