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Semi- and full-automatic electric version of the ever popular G18C. Battery and magazine is very easily inserted and once the adjustable Hop-up is set, you have yourself a highly accurate pistol. The G18C comes with weaver /picatinny rail for accessories and the standard magazine holds 29 BB’s – a high capacity 90 BB magazine is available (Ref. 16495) giving you a superb combination of accuracy and firepower in one pistol. Included: Standard magazine, speed loader, battery & 2 pin European charger



Great side arm. I use it as my sniper/AEG backup weapon. It's accurate up to about 40m (generally consistent head shots at 30m, body at 40m) but won't do much beyond 40m range. Rate of Fire is good (it's not slow but it's not rapid). It's a sturdy build, nothing wobbles and everything feels solid. A really Great AEP, I would definately recomend it as a good side arm for any snipers out there!


Brilliant side arm. Powerful, accurate and reliable. The 7.2 volt NI-MH battery allows use all year round without worrying about gas or co2 getting cold. Added with the 90 round mag gives u a reliable powerful pistol. Great for snipers as some extra firepower.


Great backup weapon.  Small and compact, the 90 round clip is cheap and gives this weapon some serious fire power.  Accurate this isn't, but since pistol engagement is generally for base clearing this does exactly what it says on the tin.  Battery is small, so buying a spare or owning a fast charger is recommended for between games. 

I wear this on my left, opposite my TM PX4 Beretta, which is accurate and high powered - this is a spray and pray, or area-suppression weapon.  Perfect for keeping their heads down while you line up the kill shot with your accurate pistol.

My PX4 can hit a head sized target at 50-60ft, this gun starts to waver at 20m - so don't expect miracles, but for AEG rate of fire and suppression, not to mention its potential in CQB, this is a bargain at £59.99.

In terms of durability, I can't comment as I haven't owned it long enough.  I usually run with high end guns, Real Sword Type 97b and the TM PX4, but I understand spares and components are fairly common and cheap.

Finally, a thought on the finish.  Well, it's a £60 pistol with a lot of electrics crammed in, it's not my PX4... but it's robust, seemed durable and is brilliant fun!
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What is the fps on the pistol?

220 - 250 fps.

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