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G&G Armament GT Advanced RK74 CQB

G&G Armament GT Advanced RK74 CQB
Product Description

As part of G&Gs Advanced line, the rifles most impressive feature the factory fitted MOSFET and ETU System, designed to improve the efficiency and response of the rifles trigger unit, and also allows the Full Auto mode to be reprogrammed to Three Round Burst to reduce round consumption. Externally the construction is Rock Solid and Realistic, featuring a largely Alloy construction as per the real AK74. G&G have given the rifles a Modernised look, with the inclusion of a KeyMod / 20mm Hybrid Hand Guard, with side KeyMod Panels, and Bottom and Top 20mm RIS RAS Rails, offering Airsofters a large amount of Weapon Accessory real-estate, ideal for Grips, Lights and Grenade Launchers. The Top of the Receiver features a 7'' 20mm RIS / RAS Rail allowing Large Sight or Scope setups to be attached. The side of the weapon features a mock Ambidextrous Charging Handle which when pulled back reveals the Linear Hop-Up unit which when used adds spin to BBs to improve the Range and Accuracy of shots. The rear of the weapon features an AR / M4 Style Buffer Tube instead of the Traditional AK Style Stock, allowing the stock to be adjusted and gives access to a wide variety of M4 AEG Stocks to give the weapon a more unique look. The Stock which comes with the weapon is G&G's latest GOS-V2 M4 Stock, which features a battery storage compartment and rubberised butt plate to prevent slippage. This AK is perfect for those who are looking for a modern AK, with plenty of tactical features

Other Features: 

  • Part of G&G's GT Advanced AEG Automatic Electric Gun Range
  • Medium sized member of RK74 series
  • Carbine Length Tactical AK replica
  • Inbuilt G&G ETU MOSFET System
  • Full Auto can be programmed to Three Round Burst
  • Alloy Receiver and Hand Guard
  • High Quality Construction with no Wobble
  • Six Position Adjustable AR Style Sliding Buffer Tube Stock
  • G&G GOS-V2 M4 Style Crane Stock with Battery Storage Compartment
  • G&G KeyMod / 20mm RIS/RAS Hybrid Handguard
  • Handguard features Left / Right Eight Slot Front KeyMod Points for Torches and Lasers
  • Top Handguard 20mm RIS / RAS Rails for Dot Sights
  • Rear Lower 2'' 20mm RIS / RAS Handguard Rail Section for Grips
  • Lower KeyMod Rail Section for Grips and Attachments
  • 7'' 20mm RIS / RAS Top Rail for attaching Sights and Scopes
  • 14mm Counter Clockwise Threadded Outer Barrel for attaching Suppressors and Tracer Units
  • Rubberised Butt Plate for Enhanced Control & Grip
  • Ergonomic Molded Pistol Grip for Improved Comfort & Grip 
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Adjustable Hop-Up Unit for Range and Accuracy
  • Linear Style AK type Hop-Up Unit
  • Trigger Lock Safety when Fire Select in Safe Setting
  • Functional Ambidextrous Mock Charging Handle
  • Battery Stored Inside the Handguard, underneath the Top Section

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