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AY AR-57 Assault Rifle

AY AR-57 Assault Rifle
Product Description

Unique Hybrid M4:

History on the AR-57 or AR Five-Seven is that it’s based on a real steel caliber conversion that changes the standard M4/AR15 from 5.56mm NATO to intermediate 5.7x28mm round and magazines. The AR-57 has the same great feel as an M4 but due to the smaller cartridge, it also offers extremely low recoil and high ammo capacity over the standard M4. The 5.7mm round has high lethality and armor defeating capability even up to 200 yards, making it a great personnel defense weapon.

The AR-57 is a truly unique hybrid M4 that uses 5.7mm style magazines with a traditional M4 lower half. This means operators used to the ergonomics of the M4 can utilize different style magazines without having to learn an entirely new platform.

Full metal externals:

The AR-57 is a full metal rifle with a true monolithic upper receiver for a completely rock solid shooting platform.

The AR-57 is wired to the rear of the gun and comes equipped with a crane style stock. That means you can use the included nunchuck style battery as well as small Lipo batteries.

The AR-57 comes with two standard capacity magazines that feed reliability and won't make noise as you sneak around on the field. Hicap P90 300rd magazine option is also available.

The gearbox is a modified version 2 shell that will take every part designed for a regular version 2 gearbox. The gearbox comes with steel cut gears, nylon piston with a full metal tooth rack, 8mm ball bearings, all coming together to deliver 400+fps out of the box.

FPS (Feet Per Second): 415
Features: M4 that feeds from the top
Inner Barrel Length: 300mm
Overall Length: 29/33 in
Barrel Caliber: 6.06mm
Magazine Capacity: 68 rounds
Power source: 9.6v 1200nimh crane type
Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready: Yes
Battery Location: wired to rear
Bearing Size: 8mm Steel Bearing
Body type: Metal
Gearbox Reinforced: Yes
Gearbox Type: Version 2 Modified 8mm
Motor Type: torque Long Motor
Sights included: Front and Rear Adjustable
Outer Barrel Construction: One piece metal
Stock Type: Adjustable Crane
Type of Spring: m120

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