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Classic Army CA8-2

Classic Army CA8-2
Product Description

  • This Proline Airsoft sniper rifle from the CA36 series. A modern stylish look with integrated optical sight and integrated bi-pod it offers a total sniper package right out of the box, and being an AEG it allows fast follow up shoots and is ideal as a support weapon for a squad to lay down suppressive long range fire.
  • Features:
  • Adjustable butt stock.
  • Folding bi-pod.
  • Glass fiber body.
  • Brass cylinder head.
  • Metal cocking lever.
  • Bearing spring guide.
  • Reinforced sealed cylinder.
  • Aluminum piston head with bearing.
  • Carry handle assembly and 3x optical sight.
  • The Proline (PL) range of products, are high-end products, targeted at regular players, players who want to have better than average Airsoft gun and Milsim/teamplayers. The Proline models can be modified and upgraded.
  • This Airsoft rifle was inspired by the SL8-2. Based on the G36, Heckler & Koch created the semi-automatic SL8 rifle which are offered to the civilian sport shooting markets. The SL8 is substantially different from the G36, it has a modified receiver and a thumbhole stock with a cheek rest, which is integral with the trigger group. Very rare, the SL8-2 version was designed as the new DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) for the German Bundeswehr.
  • Gear Box - Version 3
  • Motor - Classic Army High Torque Motor
  • Magazine - 20 rounds
  • Weight - 3300g
  • Barrel Length - 510mm
  • Muzzle Velocity - 290 - 310fps
  • Battery - Small Type (Not Included)
  • Package includes (AEG, Manual, 2 x Magazine).

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