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TRMR E2 Deal

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TRMR E2 Deal

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The TRMR E2 is a reloadable device designed to meet current and anticipated needs of professional users. Developed to provide realistic training at a low cost per deployment, additional training is available on a given budget. The benefits of additional training are increased operator performance and safety. TRMR brings additional improvements through the ease of use, speed of deployment, increased safety and reduced cost. Minimal servicing is required to maintain reliable, dependable function. This new device helps familiarise operators with diversionary devices and is an effective audible and visual distraction with temporary stun effect.


Immediate option to safely make safe in a ‘no-throw’ situation

Eliminates unpredictable fuse delay timing

Eliminates risk of fragmentation of fuse or main body causing injury from flying parts

Dramatically reduces fire hazard from discharge 

Impact technology reduces risk of unintended initiation area through bouncing/rolling

Cylindrical design avoids snagging or hang-up when drawn from pouch

No levers and pins to collect or lose

Rotating action provides up to 50% time reduction to deployment

Natural instinctive operation

Dimensions:20mm (H), 43mm (Diameter)


The device as supplied is loaded and reloaded with either standard ‘209’ primers / 8mm / 9mm Blanks. Or certain specific 12G shotgun blank cartridges according to training/operational requirement.

Operational requirements

It is essential that users are fully conversant with the specific operation of this device and correctly trained in the safe use of less lethal distraction devices and that appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is worn at all times.

Operational use

Ensure that the TRMR E2 is safe to load (or unload), if the unit has been recovered from a deployment rotate the uppermost portion of the device anticlockwise – against the direction of the ‘ARM’ arrow until it stops. The word ‘SAFE’ should be visible in the recessed portion.

The TRMR E2 is now loaded by grasping the upper and lower parts in each hand and rotating the main body anti clockwise 1.5 turns. The lower housing will separate from the main body. A primer cap or blank is inserted and pressed home until level with the cavity’s upper surface. 

The TRMR E2 is set ‘ready’ by depressing and holding down the safety lever then rotating the upper portion clockwise. This is easily accomplished and is as familiar as closing a glass jar. While the safety lever remains depressed, the TRMR E2 is held in a safe condition. Once a commitment to deploy has been made, the device is deployed and initiates on contact with a hard surface. A unique and revolutionary safety feature of the device is that AT ANY TIME until deployment, it may be returned to its ‘carry’ condition with all three layers of safety applied by rotating the upper portion anti-clockwise. In this way the operator can exercise the choice NOT to deploy and can re-pouch the device as conditions or requirements demand.


The device is transported from the supplier without any primer or any other load and is completely inert.

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