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Gangsta City - Retribution Event

The story line...

Since the failed attempt by local gangs to take the life of Pablo Gracie in 2015, Buedeventura  has became more like a ghost town than a city of unrest as most of the locals fearing for their lives have absconded across the border leaving only the brave and stupid who depend on the local police for protection.

With a tight leash on local authorities, Pablo Gracie has rebuilt his drug empire with the enlisted ruthless Columbian Revolutionary Group to protect his assests such as drug labs & money laundering facilities.

With the DEA still assessing Pablo as 'most wanted' drug lord in Southern America they continue to have undercover agents operating in the city. Intelligence states that local gangs like 'Los Lobon' & the notorius 'Moonshine mob' are planning to re-enter Buedeventura once more to take on Pablo Gracie. We also believe this maybe enforced by 'Mr X '& his right hand man 'Franco '4' Fingers'.

With this reliable intel the DEA has decided to deploy their elite anti drug & gang warfare unit 'Pegasus' led by 'Agent Miarse'.

Agent Miarse commented "The Federal Grand Jury has issued today a Warrant for the arrest and deportation of Pablo Gracie and his associates.... Retribution has begun”.

Key Characters:


                       Price is £85.00 (pre-book includes event patch & entry to raffle - prizes to be confirmed!)

                                                           ALL TEAMS ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED!

                          Insurance waiver can be found HERE. This must be printed and completed and handed in on arrival of the 28th.


Swynnerton Training Camp • Cold Meece, Eccleshall, Stone ST15 0QN



    Buedeventura Police: Black uniform ONLY / POLICE patch. (20 places)

 Pablo Army: Any Camo pattern ONLY. NO black / grey / tan Kit. (75 places)

         Los Lobon Gang: Bright colours / Jeans / Bandana or Shemagh. (40 places)

          Moonshine Mob: Chequered shirt / Lumberjack shirt / Jeans. NO bandana or shemagh. (40 places)


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