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GFG29 Steyr Aug A1 - Kryptek Nomad™

GFG29 Steyr Aug A1  - Kryptek Nomad™

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Product Description

GFG29 Steyr Aug A1  - Kryptek Nomad™

Bull-pup configured firearms has long tradition and as much followers as skeptics. One of its advantages is the possibility to use really long barrel while maintainingcompact size of the weapon. There are also aesthetic factors – bull-pup weapons are characteristic and are not to be mistaken with any other types of weapons. GFC Guns presents new airsoft replica of one of the most famous bull-pups – Austrian assault rifle.

Same as in the real firearm, the carbine's body is made from strong polymer. It is partially covered in anti-slip texture for firm grip. Whole front part of the replica is made from metal, including outer barrel and scope. Other small elements like shell ejection port cover and flash hider are also made from metal.

In order to increase functionality of the replica it was equipped with 5 universal 22mm RIS rails. It allows installation of various additional accessories, such as aiming devices or tactical flashlights. In the back part of the replica there is metal swivel for QD type quick release sling. The hop-up adjustment knob under shell ejection port can be accessed by retracting the charging handle. The flash hider is installed on 14mm CCW thread.

Replica's accumulator is stored inside the stock (if it can be called so in the case of bull-pup weapon). It can be accessed by removing rubber pad. This can be done without any tools. The whole replica can be dismantled into two parts in a matter of seconds – to access hop-up chamber and inner barrel. To do so, all it takes is to press metal locking pin and slide the parts – body and front part with scope and barrel – aside.

The aforementioned scope is integral part of the replica and has 1,5x magnification with smooth adjustment of crosshair in two levels, using adjustment knobs. The scope produces clear and sharp view and will surely improve accuracy. On top of the scope there are additional iron sights.

GFG29 does not posses standard fire selector – instead it has two-level trigger mechanism, which when pressed lightly shoots in single mode, and when pressed firmly shoots in automatic mode. Safety is located near pistol grip and is ambidextrous. At the front, just under the barrel there is characteristic, 3 position, folding front grip.

The replica features PCR™ spring quick change system – Power Control Ready™ system allowing to quickly change main spring. There is no need to disassemble whole replica – all it takes is to remove back rubber pad, remove plastic plug and take out spring with spring guide through back side of gearbox.

The PCR™ - Power Control Ready™ system allows quick and effective adjustment of the replica to airsoft battlefield conditions, without need of specialized tools. Now the compromise between safety of other players and effectiveness of the replica can be easily obtained. The set includes additional spring. It is weaker than the stock one, and after installation replica's power lowers to ~300 FPS.

The internal mechanism is based on modified V3 gearbox with 7mm metal bearings and spring guide with bearings. Air tightness, parts quality and good fitting guarantee good performance and longevity of the system. The 510mm long inner barrel makes the replica perfect for long range engagements. At the same time the overall length of the replica is only 806mm, which makes it a very compact in size and easy to use in CQB environment, in buildings or inside the vehicles etc.

The set includes polymer 330 bb's hi-cap type magazine.


GFC Guns


6 months

Velocity [FPS]:


Gearbox version:

v3 Gearbox

Type of fire:

Single, auto

Diameter of bearings in GB [mm]:


Lenght [mm]:


Inner barrel length [mm]:


Weight [g]:


Magazine type:

Hi-Cap magazine

Magazine capacity [pcs]:



Yes, adjustable

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