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GFG33 Steyr Aug A1 - Kryptek Typhon™

GFG33 Steyr Aug A1 - Kryptek Typhon™

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Product Description

GFG33 Steyr Aug A1 - Kryptek Typhon™

A bull-pup rifles and carbines have long tradition and as many supporters as skeptics. One of the irrefutable advantages is the possibility to install long and effective barrel when maintaining small overall size of the rifle. The looks are also hardly forgetable – bull-pups are characteristic and not to be mistaken with any other rifles. GFC Guns is proud to present a new replica of one of the most popular bull-pup designs from Austria.

As in it's real counterpart, the body was manufactured using high quality polymer, which was partly covered with rough, anti-slip texture for firm grip. Whole front part of the replica was made from metal, including outer barrel, scope, case ejection port and flash hider.

Five 22mm RIS rails were used for increased functionality. It provides the user with possibility to install various additional accessories including holographic sights and tactical lights. In the back of the replica the QD style quick release tactical mount is located. The hop-up adjustment is accessed by retracting cocking handle and opening case ejection port. The cocking handle can be locked in the retracted position. The flash hider is screwed onto 14mm CCW thread.

The accumulator is stored in the stock (if that name applies to bull-pup rifle) and is accessed by removing the stock butt plate, without any tools necessary. The carbine can be disassembled into 2 parts in a few moments, when in need to access hop-up chamber and inner barrel. In order to do so the metal pin is to be pressed, followed by sliding apart the two parts of carbine's body.

The scope is integral part of the replica, it provides the shooter with 1,5x magnification and allows for smooth crosshair adjustment in two surfaces using the scope's knobs. The scope provides with clear image and high contrast and this will surely improve accuracy and effectiveness of shooting. On top of the scope there are iron sights in form of front sight and rear sight.

The GFG29 does not have the standard fire selector – instead it possess the two-stage trigger action, which can be fired semi automatically when pulled lightly and fully automatically when pulled hard. The ambidextrous safety is located in the pistol grip. In the front of the replica, just under the barrel, the characteristic 3-position foregrip is attached.

The replica is fitted with the spring quick change system PCR™ - Power Control Ready™, allowing to change main spring with minimal effort. There is no need to disassembly whole gearbox – it can be done just by removing stock butt plate, removing plastic plug and taking out the spring pipe with spring.

The PCR™ - Power Control Ready™ system allows to quickly and effectively adapt to the conditions of airsoft battlefield without workshop access or specialised tools. Thanks to this the compromise between accurate, effective fire and other player's safety can be achieved. The set includes additional main spring, which is weaker than the stock one and changes the replica power to ~300 FPS.

The internal mechanism is based on modified v3 gearbox, with 7mm bearings and spring pipe with bearings. The setup is air tight, which provides high performance and long life of the mechanism. The 510mm long inner barrel allows for long range shooting. The whole replica is only 806mm long, which makes it a very compact carbine which can be easily operated in CQB or inside a vehicle.

The set includes plastic 330 round hi-cap magazine.

This version has hiqh quality hydrographic Kryptek Typhon® camo scheme applied using the water transfer technology.


GFC Guns


6 months

Velocity [FPS]:


Napęd repliki:

Napęd elektryczny

Gearbox version:

v3 Gearbox

Type of fire:

Single, auto

Diameter of bearings in GB [mm]:


Lenght [mm]:


Inner barrel length [mm]:


Weight [g]:


Magazine type:

Hi-Cap magazine

Magazine capacity [pcs]:



Yes, adjustable

Blow Back:


Battery included:


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