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KTW SPAS12 Full Stock Shotgun (Spring)

KTW SPAS12 Full Stock Shotgun (Spring)
Product Description

KTW SPAS Custom Full Stock Shotgun

-- FIE Type
-- Pump-Action Weapon
-- Plastic Constructed plus 20mm Flat Top Rail
-- 60rounds 6mm BB Capacity / 375FPS Muzzle Velocity
-- 2 Shooting Modes: 1 bb / 2 bb puts out
Fixed Stock Version of SPAS 12 


HISTORY of SPAS12 (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun) 

The SPAS 12 was originally design in Italy. From the early 1980's when Europe was widely becoming the terrorist front, a call for a combat shotgun was urgently needed. The Franchi SPAS 12 was come out on top. Now used by Italy's anti-terrorist unit "NOCS" as well as many special forces & police units around the world. Its distinct Italian flavor of design has also made it popular in Hollywood movies as well as with many shotgun fans.


Pump-Action Airsoft Spring Shotgun: 

Each cocking will load up 1 / 2 Bullet at a time, i.e. Shoot 1 / 2 Bullet per shot (mode switching by pulling rear sight lever back/forward) 

Take up to 60+9 rounds BB inside the magazine tube (loading tube) 

Operated by 6mm BB Bullets 

Adjustable Hop-Up 

Japan Imported, Made in Korea

Item Weight (gram): 1810
Major Color: Black
Length: 960mm
Hop-up: Adjustable
Shooting Mode: Manual
Other Power Source: Spring Cocking
Magazine Capacity: 60+9 Rounds
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 370 FPS
Manufacturer: KTW


Package Includes: KTW SPAS Custom Spring Shotgun
Instruction Manual (English & Japanese)
Original Box

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