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KWA HK Mk23 Socom

KWA HK Mk23 Socom
Product Description

The KWA Full Metal MK23 US SOCOM NS2 is a great replica of the real steel version of this gun and is sure to impress any level player. The upper slide of the MK23 is made completely of metal and features full H&K MK23 USSOCOM trade marks. The MK23 features a threaded barrel allowing the use of a barrel extension to give it that SOCOM style look. The MK23 USSOCOM is easily one of the largest pistols on the market and is not for the light of heart. The gun weighs nearly three pounds stands nearly 6 inches and is around 10 inches in length, this definitely isn’t a stealthy weapon! The large size of the MK23 allows for a very long inner barrel which gives the gun an extremely accurate and long range shot. Rear slide cocking serrations help the user easily manipulate the handgun even in wet conditions. The lower receiver features a safety and decocking lever just like the real thing and are both located near the users hand for easy manipulation. Both the safety lever and magazine release are ambidextrous making the MK23 a great gun for left and right handed players. Under the front of the slide is a accessory rail which allows the user to mount a variety of tactical accessories. The KWA MK23 is powered by KWA’s new and extremely impressive NS2 system. The NS2 system gives the MK23 an extremely crisp and strong kick with each and every shot. The large slide is almost hard to control due to intense kick. The MK23 also is very gas efficient due to the NS2 system and can easily clear a entire magazine with very little cool down. The KWA MK23 is a true show stopper and is defiantly a huge contender in the GBB market.

Manufacturer: KWA 
Velocity: 320 fps 
Length: 9.84" 
Height: 5.91" 
Weight: 2.56 lbs 
Threading: 16mm CW 
Capacity: 25 Rounds 
Threaded barrel 
10 inches in length
Safety and decocking lever

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