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Lone Star Ranger SBR

Lone Star Ranger SBR
Product Description

Lone Star Ranger SBR carbine replica 

The Lone Star Tactical (LST) company’s assault rifle replicas set a new standard of quality of the M4/M16 family replicas. Basing on the checked Tokyo Marui standard the manufacturer – Evolution Airsoft – developed everything what was not finished until today and make the replica look even closer to the original. The Hardcore Series is a top line of replicas of the Italian Evolution Airsoft company. These replicas are made in Hong-Kong under severe restriction and surveillance. How does the Long Star stand out from the other proposition available on the market?

The Lone Star replicas are predominantly high quality that is confirmed by meeting the MIL Std 105E – ISO 2859-1:1999 quality control standards. When you take the replica in your hands we know what are we dealing with – there is no place for lose parts – we can forget about a swinging grip or a hole between the upper and lower receiver – everything it perfectly fitted.

The color of the replica draws attention – it is not black, but gray, produced according to the coloristic specification of the real firearm. There is a fully licensed marking of the original located on the body by the individual serial number and the whole part is made of anodized aluminum. Another element that is not found in electric replicas is the imitation of all pins which are a not a mold, but separate parts in a characteristic color. There is also a functional bolt-catch for our disposal. After pulling the cocking handle, the bolt-carrier imitation blocks itself allowing to adjust the Hop-Up system. After we adjust the system all you need to do is press the actuator in order to get the bolt imitation back in place and in order to protect it from dirt.

The one piece barrel that is made with the use of the CNC machinery  is as resistant as the whole body. There is a Picantinny Rail module located on the barrel and it is integrated with the upper one piece mounting rail. This solution additionally increases the stability of the whole module while it is additionally stiffened by being connected with the body. The rear iron aiming sight is unfortunately not foldable, but is equipped with a QD type mount thanks to which we can detach it in a matter of seconds, for example to be able to use optical aiming sights. The set also includes a vertical tactical grip.

The Stock i also worth mentioning. It is adjusted in six different position and the tactical sling attachment point can be attached to the other side of the replica. The stock is also equipped with two long compartments that are sealed with a plug what makes them waterproof – we can keep there, for example: batteries or other narrow, but long objects. The stock’s pipe itself is adapted to put the battery wires in it. Yet, by default the wiring is led to the front of the replica, under the RIS rail module.

Inside of the replica, there is a high quality gearbox. Steel thread wheels are placed on 7mm metal ball bearings. Despite the fact that the replica’s stock muzzle velocity is 330 FPS the other elements of the gearbox are able to withstand a M120 main spring so we can achieve the muzzle velocity of about 400 FPS just by switching the main spring.

    The set includes:

     - the replica,
     - a magazine,
  - a vertical tactical grip,
  - additional stock covers,
  - cleaning rod,
  - a user’s manual

Lone Star Ranger SBR

Logos Lone Star Tactical Supply in exclusive worldwide license:

Full Metal
Unique serial number
Metal Body coloration as the real weapon
Noise amplifier with realistic coloring
Handguard stamped steel with interchangeable slides
Top rail for full length
Vertical grip with quick release battery compartment door remote contol and housing
Battle sight with quick release
Ergonomic grip
Ring belt with quick release
Club foot stock with battery storage compartments
One-piece aluminum barrel
Functioning bolt catch
300rd Magazine
Reinforced Gearbox & Gears
Hop Up Chamber with metal O-ring (to prevent loss of compression)
Reinforced piston
Tapper Plate reinforced
Cables and electrical contacts of the highest quality (performance TOP)
Reinforced piston head-vacuum
Bearings 7mm
Variable pitch spring with black finish
Delayer series
High Torque Motor

Name: Lone Star Ranger SBR
Manufacturer: Evolution Airsoft
Warranty: 12 months
Velocity [FPS]: 330 FPS
Gearbox version: Gearbox v2
Type of fire: Single, auto
Made of: metal
Lenght [mm]: 708/790mm
Innerbarrel length [mm]: 275 mm
Weight [g]: 3150 mm
Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]: 300
Hop-Up:Yes, regulated

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