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G&G Armament GT Advanced TGM A5

G&G Armament GT Advanced TGM A5
Product Description

The weapon is constructed with an Alloy Upper Receiver, Barrel and Internals, with Polymer Lower Receiver, Handguard, and Stock and features a Pneumatic Blowback System which uses excess Air for the cycling of the weapon to simulate the bolt moving inside the gun. The weapon features High Quality external build materials, giving the gun a premium feel, making it stand out of the crowd against other brands. The weapon is powered by an Electric AEG Gearbox, and is powered by batteries which are stored inside the Handguard of the weapon once the Square Pins have been removed and the Handguard Cover Slid off Forwards. The Suppressor of the weapon is removable, and is attached to a 14mm Clockwise (CW) external thread, however, should you wish to attach a 14mm Counter Clockwise Suppressor or Tracer Unit the external Thread Nut can be removed to reveal the alternate thread. The weapon externally features functional mock charging handle to reveal the Hop-Up unit, an adjustable multi-position stock which allows the weapon to be adjusted to the users size, and an adjustable Four Setting Ironsight which can be adjusted for Windage and Elevation. The weapon features an Adjustable Hop-Up Unit, which is designed to impart spin on the BB to effect the Air around it, adding range and accuracy. The Hop-Up is also adjustable to allow for a range of BB weights to be used. The weapon also features an Ambidextrous Fire Select allowing the weapon to be transitioned in CQB scenarios. This is the perfect purchase for those looking for a more Special Forces MP5, and for those who want a MP5 which simply screams quality.


  • Part of G&G's GT Advanced TGM Series of MP5
  • Pneumatic Blowback System
  • High Quality External Design and Materials
  • Battery Stored Inside the Handguard
  • 14MM CCW (Counter Clockwise) Threaded Outerbarrel
  • 20mm RIS / RAS 9cm Rail Claw Mount Included
  • Functional Mock Charging Handle to reveal the Hop-Up Unit
  • Linear Adjustable Hop-Up unit for Range and Accuracy
  • Rear Sling Loop Points
  • Adjustable Multi-position Sliding Stock
  • Four Setting Ironsight
  • Adjustable Ironsight for Windage and Elevation
  • Ambidextrous Fire Select
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release

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