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TAG Innovations "Archangel" Projectile

TAG Innovations

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TAG Innovations "Archangel" Projectile:

Package bundle:
10 “Archangel” come ready to fire, and packed in a carton box separated by spacers.

This projectile is a sound-flash and has no any additional fragmentation except of its own body. This launching grenade is very accurate and made to hit a campered “enemy”.

“Archangel” designed for a CQB purposes and has very important features like a lightweight, traumatic safe but loud blast, extremely accurate trajectory.

Archangel projectile will detonate at the moment of strike, so it making possible to eliminate opponents in quarters through doors and windows.

An airsoft/paintball projectile for a grenade launcher is a pyrotechnic, commercially manufactured device that taking your training or game to a completely new level. The projectile is made from traumatic-safe, lightweight polyurethane foam. The unbelievable accuracy of this grenade, caused by its spinning movement during the flight. This spinning stabilizes the grenade until initiation.

CAUTION! – This is a pyrotechnical projectile. Always wear the eye protection!
You must be over 18 to purchase or use the pyrotechnics. It can be used only on official game arena. 

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These could be a real gamechanger in CQB - I used one to clear a load of campers around a choke point at my local site. However they are very loud, judged by both the players and marshals at what is normally a very tolerant site to be way in excess of a Mk5 grenade  (closer to a Mk9), and as a result are no longer allowed there. It would be great if jdairsoft or the manufacturers could provide a Mk equivalency or Db rating, so you can check with your site before purchase. I had checked with my site first, but they suggest these are louder than previous tag rounds they've had on site, so it may that there is a bit of variability.

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