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TLD MX-80 Diversionary Device Ver.II Red

TLD MX-80 Diversionary Device Ver.II Red
Product Description

TLD MX-80 Diversionary Device Ver.II Red

The MX-80 is an ergonomically designed reloadable device that consists of a cylindrical top and base with a multi-radial ported lower body and lever assembly. The device can be reloaded numerous times with a variety of different powered cartridges to meet the demands of both training and operational requirements. For airsoft use we are only permitted to use the training cartridges which are equivalent to a Mk5 thunderflash.


Tactical Entry / Breaching / Distraction / Division / Space Denial / Training. 


The mechanism of the MX-80 has been specifically designed to ignite and retain a 15mm flash-bang cartridge within a blast expansion chamber upon detonation. The MX-80 is technologically superior to most other devices with its self centering cylindrical shape for the cartridge system and multi-radial porting. 


The MX-80 is CNC machined out of both high-grade aluminium and seamless hydraulic steel tubing. This gives the device a high structural strength to weight ratio. The GR-80 is 110 mm in length and 42 mm in diameter, weighing just 240g when loaded.  


CartridgesDelaySoundLightBlast Pressure

TLD/T/3S3 Seconds120 SPL (dB)400,000 candela4.91 (kPa)

The MX-80 deploys a high radial output of sound and has a low heat output on detonation, decreasing the chance of fire in urban environments.

A cartridge and ignition set is required for this device and can be purchased here

All users of Thomas Lowe Defence products have a legal obligation to use the products responsibly and professionally. There is a serious risk of personal injury arising out of the incorrect use or misuse of this diversionary device and ammunition. By using this distraction device / ammunition, you agree as an individual or organisation to freely accept and fully assume all such risks. Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times.

Available Colours:

PLEASE NOTE: Sound Units And Ignition Caps Are Currently Unavailable.

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