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TRMR E2 - Black

TRMR E2 - Black

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Product Description

Devices-Inertia (Law Enforcement Use)

T.R.M.R. E2 Training (Pat Pending)

Inertia fired device designated as a multipurpose munitions delivery system for maritime / land training use. The device can be deployed with a variety of 12g training munitions to suit virtually any training application. 

The T.R.M.R.

·  Twist To Arm Button Safety system (The T.T.A.B.S. system is the safest and fastest system on the market rendering the device 100% safe until deployed from the operators hand) 

·  No pins or ejecting levers to lose. (All in one T.T.A.B.S. system)

·  New style Inertia Recoil Firing System I.R.F.S. Increases inertia transfer to firing pin more efficiently and without over travel of firing pin. (allows for successful discharge of loaded munitions on contact with the deck or hard surface from a drop height of 30cm, 12 inches)

·  The I.R.F.S system will not discharge its munitions on soft flammable materials avoiding ship / building fires and vessel / building destruction. (Applies to normal T.R.M.R. E2 deployment heights for discharge)

·  Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel

·  Hardened and hard anodised to Mill Spec standards

·  Multi munitions base system (Allows the T.R.M.R. E2 device to be loaded with a verity of 12g munitions for varying training applications)

·  The T.R.M.R. E2 is 100% submersible and salt water resistant.

Please note: The Multi-shot base does not fit this version.

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