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VT Airsoft Valor Target

VT Airsoft Valor Target

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Product Description

VT Airsoft Valor Target (All-in-one Pro. Shooting Target & BB Trap)The 2015 VTAirsoft Valor Target® is a pioneering, multi-functional professional shooting target which can withstand the impacts of 650 FPS high-power Airsoft guns. Not only can VTA Valor Target® take on semi-automatic and full automatic Airsoft fire, it can allow 8 shooters to fire simultaneously on the target. The system can retain up to 8000 expended rounds allowing you to recycle and dispense Airsoft BBs in seconds. The Valor Target® can provide great safety when discharging Airsoft guns.

  The Valor Target® is very portable and would be a great complement to your Airsoft gun collection. You can take Valor Target® with you on after-work or weekend Airsoft events. Valor Target® can quench your Airsoft shooting urges by bringing the sport to you. You no longer have to plan ahead, brave unexpected weather conditions, and look for the right facility just to play Airsoft. You can use Valor Target® in your own home, backyard, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, (and any public places where it is legal to discharge BB rounds) without ever dealing with messy BB bullet clean up after each firing.

  The Valor Target® also serves as a multi-sport platform. It can easily withstand the impact of paintball reballs, darts, slingshots, .40 Cal blowguns, etc. This is the ultimate shooting target experience we have all been looking for! Our 60 year old veteran engineer Ron insists to put something old into the design; therefore, we decided to combine the shape of an old 19th Century TNT detonator lever along with M249 SAW handle to come up with the existing carrying handle for the Valor Target®


-  #1 safety. Sturdy and durable design

-  Dimension: 17.3 x 6.5 x 26.2 inches

-  Large shooting target area

-  Professionally designed airsoft and firearm target sheets

-  Complementary professional cqb training tool

-  Used as a shooting gear carrying case

-  Convenient for both indoor and outdoor use

-  Unique wall decoration

-  Your 1st personal home shooting range

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