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WE G39C Exclusive with IDz Stock

WE G39C Exclusive with IDz Stock
Product Description

The WE G39 is a replica of the G36C (compact) variant with the shortest barrel of the G36 family and a flat top accessory rail (with iron sights) that sits lower then the carry handle / sight on the full size G36. The G39 feeds from a 30 round magazine but its large gas reservoir means it can easily empty a whole magazine rapidly with virtually no cool down issues. Clocking in pretty dead consistent at 350 fps, it is powerful enough to engage out to short-middle range but still low enough for very short and indoor use making it flexible for urban fighting sites like a commando length short barreled rifle should be.

When the magazine is empty, the bolt does lock to the rear with the bolt release present just in front of the trigger, inside of the trigger guard up against the body just like the real steel. The bolt charge handle flips either way, the bolt and magazine release are accessible equally from both sides and the fire selector is present on both sides making this a very ambidextrous weapon.

With the stock folded out, the weapon comes to about 71 cm which is a nice controllable length for proper shouldered operation without being too long in confined spaces. When moving to even tighter quarters, the stock folds to the right side reducing the overall length to a mere 51 cm allowing its stockless form to handle with no shouldered control but more agility. Although not as fast as insane machine pistols, the cycle rate is still pretty keen to empty that magazine sharpish especially considering the 30 round real-steel-true capacity so trigger discipline and shot place is that much more important with wielding this highly realistic weapon.

This version features the newer IDz stock which is adjustable for length, and will still fold to the side.

Average Velocity Est @ 350FPS (propane)
30rd Magazine
Semi & Full Auto
Beautifully Finished GBB Rifle

WE G39C Exclusive with IDz Stock (8)

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