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WE L85-A2 GBB Black Edition

WE L85-A2 GBB Black Edition
Product Description

Based on the older EM-1 and EM-2 rifles, the L85's design process dates back from the 1970's up to the 80's making it one of the worlds older bullpup standard issue military rifles (the FAMAS being older). Its striking appearance by 70's standards made it look space age even in the 80s when it came into service. Its unique look makes it a go to choice for Hollywood movies looking for exotic weapons.

Love it or hate it the L85 is a distinctive weapon with a distinctive history, a distinctive reputation and a distinctive look making it a distinctively British forces icon. Over the years the L85 has a few Airsoft replicas made but few and far between. Most notably, with the current tread of gas blowback rifles making a return, there has been no gas blowback L85 until WE had their turn.

Their replica follows the L85A1 layout with the larger charging handle, same safety button (compared to the original) and it feeds from WE GBB M4 real cap magazines. It clocks in at around 400-450 FPS / 1.5 - 1.8j with 0.2g BBs with a very decent rate of fire (but averages around about 420 FPS / 1.6j). Like many other newer GBB rifles the system uses a full bolt system with an open chamber (no brass tube). So it does not just look good and feel good but it also performs realistically and shoots like the best of them.

WE L85 (GBB) includes:
Front Elevation Adjustable Sight
Rear Windage Adjustable Sight
14mm CCW Threaded Outer Barrel for Aftermarket Flash Hider and Silencer
Studry Full Metal Stamped Body
Full Metal Removable Carry Handle for SUSAT Style Optics (18mm Rail)
Rubberized Non-Slip Rear Stock Pad
Polymer Pistol Grip with Storage Compartment
Polymer Cheek Rest and Fore Grip
Left or Right Switchable Front Sling Loop
Left and Right Rear Sling Loop
Includes a hex Wrench for Hop-Up Adjustment and a BB Loader

This GBBR L85 runs on the WE 30rd Magazine for M4 / SCAR Magazine (OPEN BOLT Version).

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