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Q. What is Airsoft?

A. Airsoft is a sport that was developed by the Japanese in the late eighties to replace the popular sport of paintball, which had long been criticised for a lack of realism and high cost of the associated equipment (especially ammunition). Airsoft proposed an answer to all of these concerns:

Airsoft 'realistic imitations firearms' are manufactured to closely resemble their real counterparts, both in size and weight, with most of them working on both singe shot and fully automatic using a simple piston driven by a battery powered electric motor.
Due to the forces required to fire a 1’ diameter paintball, bruising is hence a common side affect from the impact. Airsoft BB’s are only light in weight and therefore the force required to fire them is considerably less, hence the effects of impact are negligible.

Q. What is An Airsoft Gun?

A. It is a 1:1 scale model of a real gun. The ones we sell shoot 6mm plastic BBs at about 280 feet per second. These BBs usually weigh anything from .02g right up to 0.43g.

Q. What are the different types of Airsoft Guns?

A. There are three main types of Airsoft Guns.

Spring Cocking
Pull on the slide of a pistol and you cock the spring. Pull the trigger and away you go. These are usually inexpensive and a first buy. They are often called springers. Shotguns can be spring powered as well.

Gas Operated
The most common is the GBB (Gas Blow Back) pistol. Charge the reservoir in the magazine, pull the trigger and the slide cycles while the BB is shot from the barrel. You have fixed slide guns (Non Blow Backs) , where the slide doesn’t move. You also have shotguns that operate on gas.

Electric Operated
This is the most common type of gun. A battery powers a motor that turns gears which moves a piston. Speeds are close to 280 - 320fps. About the same as a paintball gun. The automatic electric guns (AEGs) are almost always semi and fully automatic.

Q. Is it dangerous?

A. When airsoft equipment is used properly under supervised conditions the answer is quite simply no. Of course common sense precautions such as eye protection are highly recommended and indeed most well run sites enforce this vigorously. Of course airsoft guns are also classed as 'realistic imitation firearms' and all care should be taken in accordance with the current law.

We can't over emphasize the importantance of eye protection. A full face paintball mask is important for lower face protection. We recommend long sleeved clothes, but most airsofter's tend to buy military BDUs.

What AEG should I buy?

A. Ahh, the most common of Airsoft questions. Well, the simple answer? Buy what appeals to you cosmetically. Why? Basically, all of the AEG's out there perform nearly the same out of the box, also referred to as "stock".

While there are some differences in AEG's, most can be modified or used in a way that makes them equal to other AEG's. The exception are some of the "preupgraded" AEG's now being sold, like the CA AEG's, as these will shoot at a higher muzzle velocity in their stock configuration - around the 320 feet per second mark.

The other factor you should consider is how will you be using the AEG? In woodlands? In urban settings? An assault AEG may serve you better in woodlands/outdoor settings. This is generally because of the longer inner barrel, which will prove beneficial when you upgrade your AEG. If you play indoors or in tight areas (like heavy brush) or perhaps you are smaller person, then you may feel more comfortable using an SMG AEG, the shorter length will help in manueverability.

Lastly, you may want to consider battery storage. Some AEG's can easily hold a large battery pack that will keep you skirmishing all day. Another AEG may use mini battery packs that could possibly require you to switch out to a backup battery pack as the day goes on. However, battery storage should not be the major factor in your decision as there are methods around battery storage that you will discover as you research various AEG's.

Overall, do research online, attend local skirmishes to politely inspect other people's AEG's and gear, and then pick the AEG that you think is attractive, not what someone tells you to get.

Airsoft Maintenance

Q. How do I maintain my gun?

A. Want to make your gun last longer? BURST YOUR FIRE. Don't just spray and pray. Also, a little spray of pure silicon goes a long way. Swab your barrel. When it comes to maintaining your gear box, you can do yearly re-lubrications. We can help with all your maintenance and modification needs.

Q. What about customisation and upgrades?

A. We can modify your guns, but we do it on a case by case basis. How do you play? Tell us and we’ll set up a modification setup that’s right just for you.

Q. Customising & Upgrades?

A. We can modify the guns to shoot faster or cycle more quickly. We don't take a "package" approach because every customer and their needs are different. Feel free to ask. We can cater for a variety of budgets as well.

UK shipments are free when you select UPS Access Point!
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