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Product Description

The new designed TRMR allows the user to field strip with ease of a single pin. The new 'pin thru' system has been designed so the user can disassemble the device by pulling a single pin from the wobble head and allow the body to separate for cleaning and lubrication. This is ideal for anyone who needs a smoother and easier twist system by applying more lubrication on the main o'ring inside the body on a regular basis. This version allows the use of the Multi-shot Base.

Product Description

New features of the TRMR E1 X4 Tactical Reloadable Maritime Ready Enhanced 1 version.

· New firing mechanism that gives enhanced kinetic energy transfer to the firing pin allowing the mechanism to operate from a drop height of 30cm instead of 50cm.

· New tri-lock bearing safety system that completely locks the firing pin until the twist to arm system is rotated within 2mm of the full arm position.

· New stainless steel base cap with profiled pin hole to aid multi-shot base use.

· Enhanced mid body texturing to aid grip and reloading.

· Duel machined shield sections on the top portion of the device to aid removal from a pouch and single hand arming and deployment.

· New duel ejection base holes to aid removal of adaptor and spent blank munitions.

· New vibrant colour range for ease of locating and identification once deployed.

The TRMR has the new X4 base which includes the adapter to allow up to 4 different calibres to be used. The 8mm, .38 / 9mm, 209, 12 gauge / MAG-FLASH. This adapter allows the user to be able to choose the preferred blank dependent on the delivery system that is required for that purpose.

Mechanism / Technology:

The T.R.M.R. is an ergonomically designed reloadable device that utilises a twist to arm inertia recoil firing system. This allow for safe, fast reloading of the device without the need for levers and pins as used on conventional hand deployed devices. 


Twist to arm safety system (The T.T.A.S. system is the safest and fastest system on the market rendering the device 100% safe until armed). 

The fastest reloadable inertia device on the market. 

No pins or levers to lose because of the T.T.A.S. system Inertia recoil firing system I.R.F.S. (allow for successful discharge of loaded munitions on contact with the deck or hard surface from a drop height of 50cm, 19 inches).

The I.R.F.S system will not discharge its munitions on soft flammable materials avoiding ship fires and vessel destruction. (Applies to normal T.R.M.R. deployment heights for discharge).

Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel. Hardened and hard anodised to Mill Spec standards Multi munitions base system (Allows the T.R.M.R device to be loaded with a verity of munitions for varying mission applications).


Please note: 

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the legality of importation into their own country. JD Airsoft Ltd can not accept any responsibility whatsoever if the goods ordered are seized by Customs officials or airport authorities in ours or any other country. If goods are seized, destroyed, damaged through inspection or confiscated in any instance, we accept no responsibility and will offer no form of refund or credit. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

TRMR E1 X4-S (2)

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