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ASG Mk23 Stealth Assassin

ASG Mk23 Stealth Assassin
Product Description

  • ASG brands copy of the fabulous Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom. This pistol is quiet AND deadly, kicking out over 320 fps on green gas, this pistol as no blowback but comes with a barrelled silencer to give it more umph and range. The magazines are compatible with those used in the Tokyo Marui MK23.

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Well where to begin wont bother with the box etc as lets face it who cares, firstly the stated fps is close but not 100% accurate mine was shooting 280-300fps over 10 shots using ultrair gas ( bought from j.d with the gun) on a warm day after having put about 100 rounds through the gun. build- as its a clone i was expecting to have a cheaper feeling version of the tm mk23 well i was miles off compared it to my mates tm version and there is very little difference apart from the mould lines on the abs ( ever so slightly raised more than the tm) you really would be hard pressed to tell them apart from an exterior view. action- has a nice dual stage trigger (first click locks the hammer back, second fires the weapon) saftey is easy to reach and operate and for a non blowback gun it does have a tiny bit of recoil as it fires ( nothing to scream about but still nice) silencer/barrel extension - does nothing for the range accuracy as a barrel extension so i popped it open and removed the barrel extension then popped it on as a hollow tube tested with and with out it on from in front of the gun and there's a noticeable drop in sound again nothing drastic but over a longer distance it would work quite well to mask the shot. mag - now could be just mine but when i first filled it there was a slight leak ( probably when assembled) took all of 5 seconds to fix ( tightened the valve) easy if you know what your doing but for sumone who has never used or tinkered with a gas gun wouldn't be great, once sorted i got about 2 and a bit full mags out of each fill. so to sum up Pros good price high bb/gas output nice weight cons leaky mag straight out of the box oh and non blowback (but we knew that allready lol)
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sam watson

is it meatal?

Mainly plastic.

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