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Stinger 0.2g 4500rd bottle

Stinger 0.2g 4500rd bottle

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Stinger 0.2g 4500rd bottle. Premium BB's. Precision Accuracy. .595 Diameter +/- .01

A revolution in consumables! A bottle of 0.2g quality premium BB's in a bottle that's refillable!

Once purchased, and emptied we offer a refill service for nearly half the price. If you bring your empty bottle back, we will refill for £6!! Yes, that £1.33 per 1000 rounds. That's a high quality BB at that!

We offer this service through postal also, so if you send us your bottles back we will refill and post back saving you money! Still a cheaper alternative than most. Try it and you won't be disappointed. 

Stinger BB's, "Cause nothing say "@#!$~" you, like a stinger!"

Stinger 0.2g 4500rd bottle (23)


Best, cheapest, high quality bbs around. 


Awesome ammo, cheapest around when you consider the refill option. Used 1000s and will continue to do so. 

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elliot wilkinson

Just a suggestion but if you included a small freepost label or bag with each purchase (and a new one each time you send it back to them) then more people would invest in this because with postage it costs more than some are willing to pay for a cheap refill, apart from that this is very good idea that i will probably buy depending on the price of sending it back.

currently i'm only 14 years old so i get £20 per month pocket money and spend all of that on 1 skirmish day at my local site i miss out some months as bbs are to expensive for me to get on the day (£9 for 5000 src .20 bb's) i have been doing loads of extra work around the house to earn money and still barely get enough for a whole days skirmish.

Thanks for taking the time to read this from Elliot, Bromley,London 

Many thanks for the info. Keep up the house work and we will look into it!

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