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ASG Steyr Aug A3

ASG Steyr Aug A3
Product Description

Steyr AUG A3 is without doubt one of the better-made ??replicas of the ASG brand. Like other manufacturers of the Steyr Aug series the bullpup style body is made of a polymer based plastic, the rest is made of metal (including barrel, lock, RIS module), so the model weighs around 3.6 kg. Stock is very solid, has a rubber tip and with the 22mm mounting rail and it allows you to mount almost any optical sight.

As standard, the Steyr Aug A3 has a lot of reinforced parts to lower the cost of tuning potential.

Gear Box: Version 3
Capacity: 330 Balls
Length: 770mm
Barrel length: 510mm
Weight: 3600g
Made of: Metal + ABS
Hop Up: Adjustable
Measured Velocity: 350 Fps
Package includes: AEG, Manual, hi-cap magazine, battery 8.4 V 1100 mAh 220/230V charger, cleaning rod into the barrel, 200 bullets 0.2g

Magazine Capacity: 330 pieces
Blowback: No
Shot Stroke: Semi / Full Auto
Manufacturer: action sports games

Please note: battery charger is 2 pin European.

ASG Steyr Aug A3 (6)

Tony (halo mill, alpha, cqc and Otley)

On opening the packaging the rifle was in 2 pieces, the barrel and the stock. It was assembled in a few short minutes. It did need fine tuning with the safety catch being on the wrong side but that is easily adjustable. The rifle upon examination was loose in terms of manufacturing. Maybe that was just me but it was easy to fix. Just take it to your local airsoft shop and they will tweak it for you.

The accuracy of the rifle at range is capable of doing quite a tight grouping as long as you maintain your rifle and don't mix up your bbs. The aug can definitely send your opponents scrambling for cover at close to medium/long range. The picatinny rails allow you to put anything on your rifle from grenade launchers, grips, camera mounts, lasers and torches, and any sight that is on a rail even rifle scopes can be used efficiently to make the aug a shortened down support weapon. Just ensure you have some backup iron sights at hand As the aug doubles as a slightly heavier than average smg. This rifle is pretty compact as bullpups usually are so it can clear a room as efficiently as a Thompson.

This rifle has a 2 stage trigger. Single fire for the first level and automatic for the second. This Is efficient In some situations but rarely your rifle may not fire on single shot. In this instance fire on full automatic for a second and then retry. If not working then put on safety and refit your.magazine and then retry the auto then single fire. This has always worked for me on the 2 times it has happened out of many firefights. If this method does not work then just change your battery and If still in error talk to an expert.

The hop up is simple and easy to access. Just pull back the cocking handle and lock it into place. Then turn the wheel.

Mags are easy to fit and not too expensive. Just not your usual m16 Yankee 'murica' carbon copies.

Add this to your collection if you want to try a bullpup rifle that does pretty much any role on the field. it has never failed me since I bought it last June.

Rich Allsopp

This is my first primary and did i make the right choice! Its short and quick to aim, its accurate out of the box and the rof with 11.1lipo is possitively whithering. Mines named Smaug!!!

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does i come with mag and fore grip 

Yup! 330rd magazine and the grip is foldable!


What is the name of mag it takes


When buying this gun in two-tone what is the colour? and what is the shade of that colour?

We spray our RIF's training blue. 

Sam Neal-Palin

Can i ask when this product will be back in stock?

Few weeks time. Keep watching!

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